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Casting agency for pets: an animal expert alongside brands

Hire a pet photo agency

Are you looking for the dog model that will represent your animal brand? Do you want to integrate a cat into a product advertisement?


Calling on a photo agency for animals ensures that you carry out your project while respecting your objectives and animal well-being. The passion of the agency and its know-how with animals allow it to offer you a human/animal collaboration that will enhance your brand and your communication. Discover without delay the advantages of an actor dog or a model cat, or even rabbit model.

On what occasions should you work with an animal casting agency?

As a pet brand, you need to engage dog and cat reps on a regular basis. Your brand can choose a dog model or a cat mannequin when developing its brand identity. One example of occasionswhen animals bring an indispensable touch to your communication : Photo shooting

Classically, a brand can call on a casting agency for dogs and cats to produce a series of photos in order to:

  • Preparing for product release

  • Present a service

  • Announce an event

  • Quite simply to have visuals to post on the Internet or to send to the media


In this context, we support animal brands as well as all companies for which the presence of an animal is required.

The shots require that the animal adopt an appropriate behavior, that it agrees to play the game and to follow a few guidelines allowing photographers to take the shots that will enhance a brand.

We present to you animals that enjoy these exercises and who take pleasure in responding positively to what we ask of them.

Gros plan d'un chien noir

The animal enhances your brand to your customers.

The Happy Pets Agency accompanies you in the casting of animals in the same way as it advises you for your influencer campaigns.

We want to enhance your brand to the eyes of the public, while conveying your message and respecting your priorities.

Photo shoots, video shoots or events always take place in the presence of one of our animal behavior experts. He represents a person of trust for the animal integrated into your marketing strategy, and ensures that you get the best out of your model.

Studio photo professionnel

Which dog model to discover with the Happy Pets Agency?

Let us show you the models that will integrate your next communication campaign.

Majestic, funny, endearing or sporty, we know the model that will perfectly symbolize your animal brand.

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